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بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم
الحمد الله
The Messenger of Allāh صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “It is sufficient for the man in evil that he is pointed at with fingers in his religion and worldly (matters) [At-Tawāḍu’ wal Khumūl 1/35 of al-Imām Ibn Abīd-Dunyā]

Sa’īd bin ‘Abd al-Ghaffār said, “It was Muḥammad bin Yūsuf al-Aṣbahānī and I, when the book of Muḥammad bin al-‘Alā’ bin Al-Musayyab arrived from al-Baṣraħ (or al-Buṣraħ) to Muḥammad bin Yūsuf. He read it and then Muḥammad bin Yūsuf said to me, ‘Do you not see what Muḥammad bin al-‘Alā’ has written in it? And in is, “O’ my brother! Whosoever loves Allāh, loves that people don’t know him.”’” [At-Tawāḍu’ wal Khumūl 1/39]

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